Frog Hunting: The Perfect Place to Date

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When I started my frog hunting via a dating app, I knew I needed to be strategic and provide myself with sustainable boundaries and courage. It started with “dating app time” that took place an hour each evening between returning from the gym and winding down at night. I would hang out on the app with a glass of wine on my couch, or a glass of whiskey in my bed, or a glass of wine at the bar with my old people.  There was very little dating app time that didn’t involve courage in the form of a beverage. There were very few dates that didn’t involve courage in the form of a beverage. 

There was very little in Frog Hunting that did not involve a beverage. 

That was the beginning of this journey. When I returned to frog hunting after a short break, I was fasting from alcohol (for good reasons, you might say) and I realized I didn’t need the booze, but I did need something—some kind of support and distraction. 

During the second round of Frog Hunting, I discovered the dating app was a great distraction from the gym. I am always looking for ways to pretend I’m not exercising—like watching a movie while on the elliptical. Making matches on a dating app is a great way to not think about exercise. And exercise is a great way to release endorphins so I’m not stressed about dating.

 Win—win, win. 

 Also, it’s good to consult Urban Dictionary whenever someone uses a word or phrase that seems strange and out of context. There are lots of normal words that mean really gross things. 

Photo by M. Plt on Unsplash