The Temple of Uriah is a young adult novel filled with all your favorite things: mystery, action, slow-burning romance, and—my personal favorite—bomb characters who will become your best friends. My original concept was a story about a super hero who wasn’t super. Someone everyone doubts (and who doubts herself), but in the end, it turns out she was the right person for the job the whole time.


You’ll have to read the story…

Characters have a way of intruding and demanding their own book! When that happens, you are in luck! You are in good hands!
— Rikki Ducornet

Keelee likes life in her quiet farming village where she feels safe with her older brother Bryan, her only surviving family. Yet she can’t help but be curious when cranky Sole arrives with his enigmatic granddaughter. Still, Keelee never expected her visit to them to have such drastic consequences: Sole pinpoints her as the next Keeper, the person charged with keeping peace in Lustan and insists she travel with them to the Temple of Uriah for training. Accompanied by Bryan and a quick-witted new friend, Keelee undertakes the journey but struggles to fulfill her promise as the skills that are supposed to come naturally to a Keeper prove elusive. Not to mention it’s hard to concentrate while on the run from assassins sent by an unknown enemy. 

At last, she reaches the temple, at high cost, only to find it less a place of sanctuary than one of intrigue. As she delves into the temple’s library, Keelee realizes that a past Keeper foe, a manipulative sorceress, is still very much a part of the present and that Bryan’s life is in danger. With the help of a temple ghost, Keelee must find her true strength and escape the Temple before the sorceress destroys her and her friends and ends all possibility of peace in Lustan.

Where we are and where we're headed

This novel is currently in query phase. Definition: the phase of writing only for masochists who enjoy the pain of rejection. It hurts, but we keep doing it. Over, and over, and over again...

While book one is fluttering its wings preparing to fly, book two is meeting a few beta readers. Definition: the phase of writing where we allow others to perform surgery on our work. This, followed by laughter and a few whiskey sours. 

While agent searching for book one and waiting for beta readers to return book two, I started writing book three. Definition: I just can't get enough of this phase of writing.