The Temple of Uriah is a young adult novel filled with all your favorite things: mystery, action, slow-burning romance, and—my personal favorite—bomb characters who will become your best friends. My original concept was a story about a super hero who wasn’t super. Someone everyone doubts (and who doubts herself), but in the end, it turns out she was the right person for the job the whole time.


You’ll have to read the story…

Keelee is the new Keeper of Lustan, but something is wrong. She’s supposed to be the next renowned savior of the realm, but she has absolutely none of the special abilities every Keeper is supposed to have.

Centuries ago, Harenas and Lustonians were at war. To end the war and bring peace between the warring peoples, a group of powerful sorcerers created a Keeper—but the peace has always been short-lived and many warriors have worn the mantel of Keeper since the appointment of the first.

Characters have a way of intruding and demanding their own book! When that happens, you are in luck! You are in good hands!
— Rikki Ducornet

It's been 50 years since the last Keeper, so the fact that Keelee has no powers is going to prove problematic. This reality is daily thrown in her face by her angry, dogmatic mentor while she journeys to the Temple of Uriah to be trained by the Uriahn Warriors.

She has a lot to learn about the reason she was meant to be the Keeper. With the help of her companions, she might have a chance of unlocking her powers and becoming the Keeper the world expects her to be—a necessity made more urgent as tension between Lustonians and Harenas magnifies with each passing day.

Where we are and where we're headed

This novel is currently in query phase. Definition: the phase of writing only for masochists who enjoy the pain of rejection. It hurts, but we keep doing it. Over, and over, and over again...

While book one is fluttering its wings preparing to fly, book two is meeting a few beta readers. Definition: the phase of writing where we allow others to perform surgery on our work. This, followed by laughter and a few whiskey sours. 

While agent searching for book one and waiting for beta readers to return book two, I started writing book three. Definition: I just can't get enough of this phase of writing.