Frog Hunting: An Introduction to My New Series About My First 100 Dates

Here are the rules: 

No names. 

No specifics. 

No sharing of what happened to all the boys I’ve loved before (You’ll just have to use your imagination). 

No how tos, formulas, or recipes for dating. 

Photo by  Marcela R  on  Unsplash

Photo by Marcela R on Unsplash

 Meanwhile, there will be many stories of dates and almost dates and forbidden loves. 

There will be dating horror stories and dating preciousness.

There were will be an explanation of why I’m calling this “Frog Hunting.”

The hope for this series is for me and my fellow frog hunters to learn to laugh at ourselves and grow out of our experiences and see every opportunity as an opportunity for a really great story.

 See you on Monday.