Frog Hunting: Lips to Cheek

Taking a break from dating this week. Phew, I’m tired! I did 5 dates in one week and 3 dates the following week. I finally shored things up this week because I will be leaving the country and I need to rest! 

 The overall experience was positive. Only one of the guys left me feeling creepy. Unfortunately, I was only attracted to one of the gentlemen. They were all kind and walked me to my car and most of them paid. 

 One guy I was talking to on the app wanted to know if I wanted a FWB or occasional hookup. I politely declined.

 The creepy gentleman invited me back to his apartment. This one tried to kiss me when he walked me to the car and I gave him the cheek. I gave him the cheek so hard. He was creepy. So creepy. I can still feel his lips on my cheek. Shudder. 

 I have two potential dates happening when I get back in the country. 

 I realized the two dates on which I was most comfortable happened at a place where I was already familiar. With a first date already being overwhelming, I realized that having a familiar meet-up was helpful in making me feel comfortable. 

 However, my second to last date was at an unfamiliar place and I was comfortable, then. It might have been due to the fact it was my seventh date in two weeks so I was just more comfortable in general. 

 One guy thanked me for being kind and answering his questions. He was overweight and not super socially astute so I wonder if he had some bad experiences with girls being mean. 

Photo by  David Clode  on  Unsplash

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

 Wow, eight dates in two weeks! (I am very, very tired).  

 One gentleman turned into three dates and that has yet to happen. With anyone. 

 (Have I mentioned I don’t date a lot?)

 I was pretty sure Three-Dates guy wasn’t going to work out after date two, but gave it one more date. He was really kind and really sweet, but I realized I was only responding to his texts…not initiating. I was also not excited to receive texts. I would have refused the third date during date two, but I made the mistake of lingering over the goodbye hug at the end of the night (it must have been the wine and the fact that’d we’d been sitting next to a hot tub while another couple had sex in the hot tub. Gross. Gross, gross. Either way, we bonded over a shared traumatic experience). 

 I just wasn’t interested and he has not called or texted since date three. 

 Phew, that was easy. 

 I am excited about a date when I return to the States because he is the first guy who is CUTE! I don’t think it’ll work out, either—because he comes across as a bit passive. But I realize I am not going to know anything for sure…especially not on a first date.

 And is passivity a reason to not date someone? If we’re dating for fun and not for marriage then…?