Frog Hunting: One Good-Looking Prince

Photo by  Paweł Furman  on  Unsplash

Date post international travel was adorable. He was super fit, super cute, and had a tattoo on the inside of his right bicep. He was also more interested in church than just as a pastime one does to check the box. He was more involved than that, indicating he might have a faith that impacted his life. 

 He also made me feel comfortable in the coffee shop setting. I always offer to pay, but this gentlemen informed me that he planned to pay in the most natural way possible: “Do you want something to eat with your coffee? Get whatever you want.” I didn’t have to offer and he didn’t have to awkwardly butt in with his credit card while I was retrieving mine. 

 I felt like I was talking to an adult. That’s not a normal feeling whilst talking to Christian guys. 

 Afterwards, I made myself wait six hours before texting him.

 I realized I’d been on somewhere around 20 dates before going on a date that contained two branches of the trifecta. He was cute and loved Jesus. Fun is the other branch, and a couple hours over coffee isn’t necessarily enough to determine that. 

 Good-looking-superfit-bicep-tat guy didn’t text back. 

 20 dates to get two branches out of three. 

 My work has just begun.