Frog Hunting: Dating Resolution (and the Second Worst Date of My Life)

This is a followup to the recent Frog Hunting series. Just joining in? Start at day one.

After the second worst date of my life, I decided round 3 of Frog Hunting will consist of setting my app to “Christians Only.” While I’m anticipating being bored and depressed at my prospects, I think there’s a chance a Christian will not show up drunk to a first date. 


One can hope. 

Actually, the date was quite entertaining. We went out a couple weeks before Christmas and he kept telling me how attractive I was and hinting at how much money he made. I know I should have let him pick up the check, but I felt like I should pay for my part of the hours-worth of entertainment. 

I’m not venturing into the Christians-only world JUST because of the second worst date of my life. No, I’ve decided to venture into the Christians-only world because the reason I’d dated non-Christians in the first place was because I was trying to train myself to just have fun and not think of the person as a potential marriage partner. I’m not planning on marrying someone outside of my faith, so this made things real easy. 

Now, I think I’ve matured enough in my Frog Hunting skills to go on a date with someone who claims to love Jesus and just chill out and give things a chance. 

My fear is that I’ll feel obligated to give things MORE of a chance if they go to church. I just have to remind myself I can do whatever I want. “I don’t want to go out with you again,” is a perfectly good reason to say no to another date. 

(Noticing I am already planning for things to go poorly and making a reminder to psychoanalyze this later).

Also, the second worst date of my life solidified for me that I have fairly good instincts when it comes to dates. I’ve rarely—if ever—been surprised by a date. I have, occasionally, enjoyed a date more than I thought I would, but I’ve yet to be totally astounded. 

But this doesn’t mean the surprise date isn’t out there somewhere.

Happy New Year Everybody

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash