Writing Diary: Knowing Your Limits 

After writing over 60 versions of a query (publishing world version of a cover letter), and receiving help from friends who have been published or worked in the publishing world, I concluded I could not write a query—ever.

The common opinion is, query writing is a skill set unto itself, and though it pains me to know I don’t have this skill, it’s also good to know my own limitations as a writer. 

Photo cred  Alex Scott

Photo cred Alex Scott

Because writing is something I believe I’m meant to do, I’ve decided to play the long game and engage the assistance of someone who does editing and query writing for a living. I’m excited to see what sort of magic she can work.

Meanwhile, my story is the best it’s ever been. I recently had a teenage beta reader respond that she read the story in one day. Probably the most encouraging response yet! 

Even with all of this excitement, you NEVER know if you’ll be published. It may have nothing to do with the story at all. There are so many factors that go into publishing a novel. It’s extremely difficult, even for those with lots of experience and publishing credentials.  

Which is why I have determined to have fun and enjoy the writing process. I may finish this trilogy I’m working on, get it into amazing publishing shape, and still not be published. 

Have no fear, I have a thousand other stories to tell. If this book doesn’t fly, another one will. 

This is a life calling. And I love what I do.