Journey of a Thousand Miles: Which Items from Home I Missed the Most

Let me tell you about the two items I missed the most while they were packed away in storage. They stayed safely tucked away in boxes for 5 months while I was transitioning to a new city, and I kept thinking of them and longing for the day they would be in my home again.

Something old, and blue…


My Southwood mug was a “new members” gift from my home church in Alabama. I still call it my home church, even though I transferred my membership years ago and haven’t attended there in several years. I love this mug because it’s the perfect shape for my hand, not too heavy, looks cool, and…well, it’s the perfect mug.

It also reminds me of a sweet season of life and a sweet group of people who will always be dear to my heart.

Something new, and nude…

I love my “Get Naked” mat from Urban Outfitters. It makes me chuckle every time I see it, which is often, considering it’s on the floor of my bathroom. It also makes guests chuckle (or blush) and is a fun ice breaker.

Not only is this bathmat “so me” it reminds me of fun times with my roommates in DC. They were the best roommates. A group of women could not have been better matched if I had handpicked everyone myself. We all moved in, not knowing one another at all. Sometimes that doesn’t work, but in this case, it did!

These items signify great times, but even I can’t explain why these were the items I was dreaming of and most excited to get back once I was finally settled.

Moving forward, if I’m homesick for any of my past lives in past cities, my motto will be, “Drink Coffee and Get Naked.”

If someone wants to put that on a T-shirt for me I would not be sad.