Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sophia’s Last Ride

 From Alabama, to Mexico, to St. Louis, to D.C., Sophia has carried me on many an adventure. Her life has been long and her courage has sustained me through unthinkable battles with dragons and other dangerous creatures.

On Sunday, October 1st 2017, we will embark on our last adventure together. If all goes well, Sophia will carry my to her final destination—the place she will eventually find peace in a junkyard somewhere, when her heart finally sputters its last dying fumes.

Los Angeles.

When I accepted a job in LA, I considered retiring Sophia before making the trek from one side of the continent to the other. But circumstances called for us to enter this last battle together. So I’ll be driving Sophia, with all of her hard-earned scars, to sunny California.

Will she survive?

Ah, that is what makes this next adventure the most exciting of all. There is no guarantee that she will come through this encounter unscathed. This final journey could end with her in flames in the middle of the desert as I call roadside assistance from a cell phone I can only hope will have service.

So join us on our adventure by following Sophia’s journey on my Instragram @katherinespearing I will be announcing the times I will Instagram Live, where I’ll show you our current location and give you an inside peek into Sophia’s long life.

This is also a call for recommendations of podcasts and music to listen to. Use #sophiaslastride or comment on photos to give me your ideas.

Follow us on our last journey together and find out if Sophia makes it.


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