Sunday, May 15, 2016

To My Secret People, This One's For You

To My Secret People,

Some of you I actually don’t know your names. You secret people who were the Lord’s voice of Love. The secret people who over the past several years were responsible for the checks in the mail when I didn’t know how I would pay for my car insurance. The people who invited me over for dinner, not knowing I had no food in the fridge. The ones who let me live with you, crash on your couch, cry on your shoulder, or called me out of the blue to see if I was okay. The ones who gave seemingly random advice or told a story that was responsible for the next step in the journey. Then there were the prayers uttered in my presence or the secret ones I’ll never know about. The encouragement, the text messages, the cards or goodies in the mail, picking up the check, giving me a discount, helping me with my car—all of it was responsible for any concept I now have of God’s love.

This weekend, I graduated with honors from Covenant Theological Seminary. I dedicate this to you, My Secret People.

This one’s for you.


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