Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vin Diesel, 73 Million Fans, and 27 Million Slaves

On the side of Facebook newsfeed, they display popular pages or pages that would be of interest to you. One day, Vin Diesel popped up on mine. So naturally I clicked on it.

He has 73 million fans.

Seventy. Three. Million. Fans.

What is that even like?

And here I was excited about my current 137 fans. It’s kin to a 4-year-old child getting head over heals because they have a popsicle while the grownups look on, thinking it’s so adorable.

The other striking thing about Vin Diesel’s Facebook Page (I promise I didn’t hang out that long) is one of his consistent themes. Besides the size of his muscles (he really likes his muscles), he is very passionate about animal rights. He even appears to have a pet lion.

If 73 million fans is hard to get your mind around…a pet lion? What?

Not to dog animal rights (pun intended), I care about the animals too and think we should care for them well like we should care for everything well, but I couldn’t help but think: What a waste of a fan base.

I mean, that’s almost 3 times the size of Texas and almost a quarter of the United States. Can you imagine having that much influence? Can you imagine what you could do with that?

So I asked myself what I would do with 73, 000, 000 fans. And the answer was immediate. My public awareness platform would be human trafficking. And since it’s always better to have a platform that’s specific and focused, I’d focus on trying to make those who fund sex trafficking by paying for the product really pay for the product. Like really pay for it.

Crack down on the pimps, yes. Rescue the victims, absolutely. But neither would be as widespread if there weren’t a market. And if that market weren’t so lucrative…

The big stink about Justin Bieber soliciting prostitutes was epic because the person paying for the product actually got blamed for it.

In the US, the penalties for customers are minimal. Even the penalties for pimps are surprisingly lenient.

Vigilante superheroes are only in comic books (or I’d totally be one). This is a legal system issue, but awareness is important to make this something we look for in lawmakers. We do have a vote, after all.

That’s what I’d do with 73 million fans. I’d encourage them to be aware of the 27 million worldwide slaves.

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