Monday, February 10, 2014

Mexican Kiss

I learned something new yesterday. I’ve always been a little confused whenever I see a car accident in Mexico (they happen often). Always the cars remain in the middle of the road, regardless of the safety hazard or the fact that they are severely blocking traffic. Then, each individual insurance company will send a car to the scene in order to work out claims onsite.

Very weird.

Then I got into a car accident. It was a rainy night at rush hour and a chic in a red car decided to run a stop sign (also happens often). Gratefully, because of the rain I was only going about 20 MPH and what occurred is called a  “beso Mexicano” (Mexican kiss), meaning it wasn’t that bad. I immediately did the American thing and moved my still drivable car to the side of the road out of the flow of traffic.

That was before I called my insurance company and was told, “DO NOT move your car until the insurance company arrives. If you must move your car for your own safety, make sure you take a picture of the scene beforehand.”


Then the insurance companies sent their cars. It took two hours because of rush hour. I was starving and all I could think about was how much I’d really like to eat Mac and Cheese.

Before the insurance arrived, the police showed up and took my license and the visa of my car that allowed me to drive in the country. This made me really nervous, but I guess he was worried I was going to drive away from the accident. 

The things people have to do.

After the insurance companies took our statements, they had a little conversation and decided it was the other girl’s fault. The insurance wrote me a note to take my car to a shop and then sent us on our way.

I later learned how lucky I was that the girl admitted it was her fault. This is the reason you’re not supposed to move your car and why the insurance companies have to send cars to the scene: people lie.

For once I was grateful for sue-happy, forensic USA that compels people to be more honest.
It could have been really bad.

Thus ended my little adventure of the week.

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  1. So, does that mean they are going to fix your car?