Friday, June 14, 2013

Some Numbers That Matter

7: the number of small people I got to hang out with at Vacation Bible School this week
7: the number of times I laughed every hour while I was with those small people
7: the name of the experimental Bible Study I’m participating in on Thursday mornings
7: the number of coworkers I have who have formed an unconventional family for me
6: the number of in-town siblings I have who daily and weekly fill my life with family and community
5: the number of times I cry each week because God provides for me in ways that show me He had a plan the whole time
3: roommates who make me laugh, let me cry, and don’t mind if I say swear words and will usually join in the swearing with me
2: the number of kids I get to hang out with a couple times a week who remind me that life should never be taken too seriously
1: the number of weeks I get to spend at the beach with some of my best friends before we depart into new and uncharted territories such as marriage, home ownership, and new jobs
1: summer that is being spent differently than I planned but better than I expected

And counting…

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