Thursday, May 16, 2013

Advice From They

They say to write through writer’s block. When you’re walled and dry, just keep writing. Write anything. Anything that comes to your head. It tells your body and your brain what to do. It gets you out of the funk.
They say to keep writing but they don’t tell you to publish it. To quote Mr. Griffith from Easy A, “Not all your thoughts are diamonds.”
And not all my thoughts are diamonds. 8 almost blog posts later, I’m starting to wonder if any of my thoughts are diamonds. ‘Course, dealing with the after-affects of anesthesia and pain meds due to a surgery can also mess with your brain. Not to mention, taking two weeks off of writing anything (I couldn’t find my journal, so I wasn’t even writing in that).
Now the pain of getting back into a writing routine is about as painful as getting back into an exercise routine—also something I can’t do due to the surgery.
They say when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. But they don’t tell you what to do when you lack the water and the sugar.
I’m really starting to wonder if they should be giving advice at all.
Because of they, I have several less than adequate blog posts that will never be published. In fact, because of they, over 70% of my writing will go unpublished or unused. However, because of they, I will occasionally write something, I feel, is maybe not a diamond or a crystal—it might be one of those fake sparkly rocks we used to collect as kids—but it doesn’t make me dry heave or keep me awake at night. When that happens, I’ll let it hit cyber world and hope that it won’t make someone else dry heave or keep them awake at night.
If it keeps you awake at night, they say to try counting sheep. I remember trying this when I was a kid, but even as a kid it made me feel as dumb as the sheep. And who had the bright idea to count sheep? Why not ducks? Or cows? What are the sheep doing? Are they standing? Running? Leaping over brooks as they bleat their way through painted pastures?
Looks like they may be short on diamonds as well. 

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