Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Proclaiming His Faitfulness

One of the reasons I believe I have a writing voice is so I can proclaim God’s faithfulness. I read Isaiah 25:1 on Sunday:           
O LORD, you are my God;
                        I will exalt you; I will praise your name,
            for you have done wonderful things,
                        plans formed of old, faithful and sure.
(Isaiah 25:1 ESV)
I thought, yes, yes, yes! That’s what I’m supposed to do!  As I see the Lord’s faithfulness, I want others to see that faithfulness also. I don’t want them to just see it in my life. I want them to recognize it in their own lives. I love to hear stories of God’s faithfulness to my brothers and sisters in Christ. I love it because it proves God’s consistency and His commitment to keeping His promises. Where people will fail, let us down, and betray us—even those who love us most—this will never happen with Jesus.
The most recent occurrence of the Lord’s faithfulness was during my support-raising trip to Charlotte. Sunday, I was at my home church and was bursting at the seams, wanting to share the story with my church family. I thought I’d talked it all out, but I can’t stop until I’ve put it in a permanent place: black and white on the internet.
I left home and headed to Charlotte with only one meeting set in stone. On the way there, I received a phone call from one church, was able to get in touch with another church, and received an email from a different church. Suddenly, I had four meetings. While I was meeting with one church, they set me up with another meeting.
Five meetings in two days.
When I left home, I only had one.
 My favorite part of the whole week was meeting with a church that had already told me no, they didn’t have any money in their budget to take on another missionary. But the pastor in charge of missions told me I could come by and talk to him anyway. I suppose the lack of pressure was the reason for the enjoyable meeting. It was just a meeting between two people who love Jesus and love missions.
That’s the way every meeting is supposed to be.
Then there was one miracle story (aside from the fact that somehow five meetings just happened over the course of two days). I was driving out to this church in the backwoods of South Carolina. I had to drive an hour to get there and most of that hour was spent on windy back roads.
I arrived at the church and had to choose between four different buildings. They were all locked up and I wasn’t sure what to do. I finally called the pastor and he gave me a multiple-sentence answer on how to find my way to his office. I almost had to write it down.
I was in his office for twenty minutes. During that twenty minutes, the director from Mexico--the man who’s going to be my boss when I get there--called the pastor. The pastor informed him that I was sitting in his office. He had no idea I was going to be there. I hear him say over the phone, “Whatever you can do to help Katherine, we’d really appreciate it.”
That’s what I call divine timing.
Now, I wish I could say that the reason this all happened was because I worked my butt off, but I can’t. I only put in a week’s worth of work and even then I could have worked harder.
I wish I could have said I prayed up a storm for this trip, but honestly, I could have prayed harder and longer.
I wish I could say I went into this trip fully trusting God and believing the faithfulness I’m writing about right now. But I didn’t. I actually had a pretty rotten attitude on the way up to North Carolina and if I had been God I wouldn’t have “rewarded” me with anything even close to this amount of awesomeness.
My biggest prayer for the support-raising journey is that God would wow me.
I’m two weeks in and He has already done that far beyond what I could have imagined.
Today, I’m praying to be wowed even more. We serve a big God, a faithful God, a God who can do huge things.
This is only the beginning. 

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