Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What I Learned Last Year

What I learned last year:

When you put writing blog entries as a higher priority than exercise, you feel it in pretty much every area.

2AM is never a good time to make a decision. It’s also not the best time to figure out your life.

Books are so much better than movies. It’s just harder to find a good one.

I prefer heat and sunshine to cold and snow. I already knew this about myself, but I decided it’s really true this time.

I love to run, almost as much as I love to laugh. This does not mean I’m good at running. If I gauged my enjoyment of something based on how good I was at doing that something, I wouldn’t enjoy many things.

Money sucks…the life out of you. I have yet to learn (but am in the process of learning) that God owns the mullah and is there to help me with it. It’s a burden I carry too often.

If I could live my life completely free of the opinions of people, oh what a world that would be. When I sat back and thought about all the things that I do and how often the opinions of others influence my decisions, my feelings, and my thoughts, I realized that I rarely do anything without consulting the phantom advice of beings who have no say in how I do things. This fear of man constrains so many things that I want to do.

What would it be like to not let those things affect my decisions? Ever.

God doesn’t work the same way twice. This is frustrating yet freeing at the same time. Just when I think I’ve got Him figured out, He goes and changes up on me. He never leads me into a decision the same way twice. The only thing that is certain is that He leads.

I know I learned more, but that was all I could remember in the 30 minutes that I have to write this. If there are more things to add to the list from last year, I’m sure I’ll still be learning them this year.

Until next year…


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