Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Provision Montage

I’ve done some cut and pasting to do a provision montage with some of the stories that were sent to me over the weeks. I’m only sharing a few of them and I’ve edited them for blog application.

This week, I’ll be posting the grand finale. God decided to give me a provision story in the midst of the provision blog series. It was so sweet of Him and very unexpected. Can’t wait to share it!

The first clip for the montage is from my mom. What I like about this story is it’s a response to a call from God to start a business. So often, we hear about God’s provision for missionaries or ministers, but seeing God provide for a business endeavor is kind of cool and unconventional.

“The most amazing provision of funds for me was when Dad felt the Lord leading him to start a business. We went 8 months without a paycheck and we never missed a house payment or went hungry. (Now we did not eat out, or do anything extra like ballet or sports that cost money). We had a little savings, but it was one miracle after another. Friends and family brought us food, paid our utility bill or noticed different needs. People gave us nice hand me downs for you kids. At one point we did not have the money for our house payment and a check appeared in the mail from dad's old employer. Since he had been with the company 5 years they sent him what accrued for "retirement". It was almost exactly what we needed for the house payment. I'm sure we have each instance of God's provision written down somewhere, but it stands out to me as an amazing time of faith building for this spoiled girl who never really had to trust God for daily needs.” –Gena Spearing

The next clip is from my friend Kim. What’s neat about this story is that God provided by keeping the Kim and her husband from making some financial investments, all in anticipation that her husband would lose his job.

"God really protected us last year! Nate and I had talked about putting our house on the market and buying one that was a little bit bigger (about $50k more than our house is worth). We decided like a month before Nate lost his job to not pursue selling our house but instead fix it up on our schedule and then in a few years pursue selling it. We also toyed with the idea of selling the truck and getting a bigger truck or something else. But we decided a couple of months before that to not do that. Last year, we were talking with some friends about going to the Caribbean in the fall. Our friends had paid their trip in full on a Monday. I was supposed to get our deposit paid that next day but we were having problems negotiating the right price. So I was going to call on Wednesday to do more negotiating. No joke, 15 or so minutes before I was going to call to book our trip, Nate called me to tell me he'd lost his job. So it was neat to look back that week on God's providence! And even through today, we've never struggled for anything during the last 9-10 months that Nate hasn't had a job. We've made every bill payment w/o having to really dig into our savings. It has been stressful, but I've had a peace about everything.
Also, the whole time we were making the decisions about the car and house, we were always at peace with our decision to not sell. And we were able to make those decisions as a couple instead of one of us being hesitant or wanting to just do it without really thinking. I know that's probably not that big of a deal, but for both of us to be at peace together, it's just awesome to see God work in our marriage, too.” –Kim Gilbert

The final clip is from Jessie. This was not an easy story to share and it broke my heart when I read it. However, it was so sweet to see the Lord speaking to Jessie in such a personal way—in a way that only she would understand:

“God has provided for me. Going through the rough stages with my dad, God showed me he was still my provider. My dad was always suicidal, I felt like I couldn't leave the house because I'd be putting my dad's life in jeopardy. My dad was in the hospital due to attempted suicide. I was the one who found my own dad, my only parent, Laying on his face, dying. I called 911, as the lady told me to calm down and lay him on the floor , but I couldn't. I felt like it was up to me to save him. They finally got there and took him away. I didn't know if they saved him as I sat at my aunts house crying. I was scared I was too late. As a young girl my dad and I used to sing a song called “daddy's hands”. That week my aunt took me to church where they had special guest singers. I wasn't in the mood for church, my mind was everywhere. I wasn't listening to anything they were saying. Then they started singing “daddy’s hands” and I cried. I told my aunt I felt like God was talking to me, showing me he was still here for me. I was so happy, I felt like I wasn't alone. I felt like God was telling me it would be ok, I was just looking for peacefulness in the wrong places. I needed to turn to God for comfort.”—Jessie Hunter

Those are some of my favorites from the provision series. It encourages me and builds my trust in Jesus to hear other stories of God’s provision. I love how He never works the same way twice and knows not only what people need financially but also spiritually. He’s always working on our hearts while we are looking to Him to provide. He always uses some outside force to penetrate our hearts so we are open to listening to His voice. 

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