Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Series on Money



That’s what happens when I hear the word “Money.” An “ugh” goes off in my head. When I think about all the things requiring money, it seems like I spend the majority of my day thinking about it. This bill and that bill, savings and spending, tithe, giving, birthday presents, Christmas presents, school. The list goes on and on.

No wonder I think “ugh” when I think about money.

But there is one way money is proving to be a good thing. It’s given me an idea for another blog series. Due to the success of the Les Mis series, I decided it was worth trying another series. This one will probably be shorter because I’m lazy, but will take place during the month of January.

I’ve decided to write about money. I’ve done some little Bible studies on the subject lately and am reading a pretty encouraging book on the subject (I’ll reveal the name when I’ve finished reading it. I’d rather not recommend a book that I haven’t finished).

Also, January seems to be a hard month financially for most people. Holiday spending is hitting the credit card bills and business and ministries tend to suffer due to reduced spending on the part of individuals. This makes January the optimum time for me to study and write about money.

The main thing I want to keep in mind during the series is where the money comes from.


Sigh of relief.

That’s what I do when I think about God. I sigh with relief. Stress, stress, stress. Then, God. It’s so wonderful to know we can run to Him about money matters and relax in the fact that He controls it all. He also knows all our needs before they occur and already has a plan in place to provide for His children.

At least we hope so.

I pray this series will take our hearts and our minds off the money and focus them on Jesus. I pray it’s an encouragement to you and an encouragement to me. I pray we learn together who is the giver of good gifts and the creator of blessings unfathomable.

In the name of Jesus. 

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