Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 20 of 25 Days of Les Misérables: Against Human Nature

Five more days! Wow, I was really concerned when this started that I was going to run out of information. Now I’m concerned we won’t be able to cover it all in time for the movie premier.
Have you seen the trailer for the movie? As a bonus, I’m going to include it at the end of this post. We’ve already listened to practically every song that’s included on the trailer. Just so you know, this movie isn’t all singing like the play. I think it only includes the main songs, which are the main songs I’ve highlighted the past 19 days. I wasn’t sure what I thought about this, but I’m thinking I might be okay with it now that I’ve let myself get used to the idea.
Now back to the story.
            In “One Day More” Javert volunteers to be a spy for the National Guard. Gavroche, an urchin, recognizes Javert and exposes him. Les Miz Trivia: Gavroche is the son of the Thénardiers and little brother to Eponine.
            After Gavroche exposes Javert, the revolutionaries take Javert captive and plan to execute him when the fighting is finished. He’s at the barricade when Jean Valjean shows up to protect Marius.
            Because of Javert, the revolutionaries are suspicious of Valjean, but Valjean soon proves himself and earns their trust. As a reward, Vajean asks to be allowed to handle Javert.
            Valjean has been running from Javert for close to 20 years. He’s about to flee once more and take Cosette to England. With just a bullet, Valjean could be free of this shadow that threatens to consume him at every crossroads. Under the protection of the revolutionaries, Valjean could get away with it. He could melt away and the government authorities would blame the revolutionaries for Javert’s death.
            Instead, Valjean does the opposite of human nature. He takes pity on Javert. He forgives Javert. Then, he releases Javert. He even gives Javert his address so that Javert can find him when the fighting is over.
            Instead of thanking Valjean for mercy, Javert insists that he is duty bound to arrest Valjean. He threatens to continue his pursuit of Valjean if Valjean doesn’t kill him. The circle of life, in the mind of Javert, is that Valjean would take his revenge. Javert can understand revenge. He can’t understand mercy.
            Javert flees. Valjean shoots an aimless bullet into the air. The revolutionaries give him the nod for ridding them of the spy.
            Only Javert and Valjean know Valjean’s true identity. Now, only Javert and Valjean know that Javert is still alive. Only Javert and Valjean know that the reckoning is still to come.

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