Friday, November 23, 2012

What's new?

Time for another blog entry.

What’s new these days?

Visiting seminaries.
Preparing to hit the support-raising trail in order to return to Mexico.

And, Thanksgiving, working 2 ½ jobs, and trying not to completely lose connection with my friends.

The good news is, I finally have my writing desk back. I LOVE my writing desk. It was a birthday present from my parents and is the coolest thing ever. It even has an outlet for my computer and cell phone.

There’s something about my desk that turns on my writing juices. It’s probably because I’ve done practically all of my writing while sitting at it. I also did all my college papers with this trusty hunk of wood and my little silver computer.

They say to always study in the same place. They say to always write in the same place. They say it programs your body and your mind to study/write when you get to that place. It’s so true.

Now I have my writing desk back. So now I have a place to let my mind go crazy.

Let the work begin…

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