Sunday, November 25, 2012

25 days of Les Misérables Coming Soon

On December 25th the musical version of Les Misérables is coming out in theaters. My first reaction was to be excited, then disappointed when I saw the cast, then excited again when I watched video clips of them singing (they actually can sing), then disappointed again because there is no way a movie can capture the same emotions of a stage.
Currently my emotions range high on the excitement scale, so in honor of the Christmas day premier of this movie, I will be doing 25 days of Les Miz on my blog. My plan is to write the final post after I’ve seen the movie on December 25th.
The posts will range from exploring the million-and-one themes from the book and musical, my personal experience with the play, and other tidbits that you may or may not know.
So feel free to stop by during December. You’re welcome if you know nothing about the story, could care less, or if you’re a frantically obsessed and can’t get enough of it. Also feel free to chime in on the conversation or send me an email or message if you think of something that needs to be posted.
The journey begins on December 1st. Don’t miss it…

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