Saturday, June 2, 2012

Monterrey Today

Arrived in Monterrey Safely. I happened to be on the same flight as Tricia and Michael Lee (the main missionary couple I’ve been in touch with) and a small team from North Carolina. Through baggage claim, customs, and big black dogs sniffing us for drugs, we arrived on the other side.

I’d had a six hour layover in Dallas, which went by really fast. I rode the tram all the way around the loop, just for fun. Then I was going to go into the Grand Hyatt Hotel, but realized I’d have to go back through security to get to my gate. Not a chance. So I sat around watching people and making last minute phone calls. Before I knew it, I was meeting up with the team and boarding the final flight.

The first afternoon was chill and I spent about an hour and a half alone in my little bedroom off Ruth and Andres Garza’s (area director for Northern Mexico) house. During this time, I felt the first waves of loneliness. So I remedied as best I could: by eating a coffee crunch chocolate bar (because I was starving) and then working out (glory halleluiah I have enough room to do burpees!)

Following this, we went to dinner with so many people I am totally at a loss for who they all are and what they all do. I’m sure I’ll have it down in a few days…or weeks…or years. 

It’s 10PM and I’ve been up since 3AM. I’m tired and suffering from a little indigestion from the dinner tonight—time to get used to the spicy food. So it’s off to read some Wives and Daughters and then lights out.

Love everyone and thanks for the prayers and well-wishes! 

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