Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Husband in Mexico

The following scene is a true story centered around me and three Mexican Nationals who have recently become my friends and self-appointed matchmakers. The Characters are:

Eraclio-Pastor of Bethel Church here in Monterrey. He’s in his forties and someone whose humor I had to get used to. I was never sure if he was joking, and he often pretends he doesn’t understand my Spanish when I know for sure he does. However, he can be pretty funny and also quite serious.

Amalia- Eraclio’s wife. She’s a sweetheart and she can be just as funny as her husband.

Deliah-Friend of Eraclio and Amalia. They call her their sister.

Daniel-A poor victim of the other characters’ matchmaking schemes.

The scene takes place at a picnic table in a park on top of a Mountain in Monterrey. It’s a casual conversation as we are being lazy after lunch.

Deliah: (to me) Do you have a husband?
Me: No.
Amalia: Boyfriend?
Me: No. I’m single. Very single.
Eraclio: You need a husband. What do you want? A missionary? A pastor?
Me: Sure.
Eraclio: A pastor?
Me: Yeah, that’d be fine.
Eraclio: This is what you do. You work at a church. You be an assistant to a pastor. Then you become his wife.
Me: Perfect.
Eraclio: Mexican or no?
Me: I don’t know. Only God knows.
Eraclio: Okay, how old are you?
Me: 27.
Eraclio: What was your major in college?
Me: Literature
Deliah: What do you want? A boyfriend or a husband?
Me: Both, I guess.
Eraclio: At the same time! Haha!
Deliah: (to Eraclio) No, first one and then the other.
Amaliah: Yes, one leads to another. But friends first.
Me: Exactly, but only one time. I don’t want lots of boyfriends. I’d prefer just one.
Amaliah: That’s good.
Deliah: That’s right. You’re very smart.
Eraclio: No fun at all!
Deliah: Okay, we are going to pray.
Amaliah: Yes, we are going to pray for your husband.
Me: My mom in the States thanks you.
Amaliah: We are going to pray for one year.
Me: Okay, that’s not too fast.
Eraclio: That is fast! Boyfriend and then marriage? This is fast.
Amaliah: You and I were one year.
Eraclio: No, I think a year and a half.
Amaliah: Yes, you’re right, one in a half.
Deliah: Okay, one year. It’s not too fast. It can happen.
Eraclio: So what do we have? A woman. 27 years old. A missionary. A major in literature.
Me: What is this? My resume? For a husband?
Eraclio: Yes. Now let’s see. Who is good for you? You are turning red.
Me: It’s the sun.
Eraclio: No, you’re blushing. (to Daniel) Daniel, hey Daniel. This is what you need to do. Become ordained and then you can marry her. (To me) He is a really good cook and he can wash clothes with his hands.
Me: Well, when is the wedding?!
Eraclio: You name the date; I’ll be there to officiate.
Me: Good plan.
Eraclio: Yes, it’s a good plan.

The rest of the afternoon they spent trying to get me to sit near Daniel or stand near Daniel. Then they got a picture with me that I’m positive will be used for matchmaking purposes.

The story ends on a serious and sweet note, however. Eraclio saw me a couple days later and informed me that he and his wife had prayed for my husband. At first I thought he was just messing around, but then I saw that he was really serious. Turns out he and his wife had prayed together the night before and had specifically prayed for my husband. It was such a sweet feeling to be cared for by these people who I barely know. It also feels so good to know I not only have a prayer team in the States but I also have a prayer team here in Monterrey!


  1. I laughed out loud the entire time it took me to read this! Oh my goodness! Too funny! Well, maybe that's our problem Katherine... the answer was in Mexico all along!

  2. I know, right! When you coming down?!