Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Awe Bandwagon

I didn't jump on the Crazy Love bandwagon when it began a few years ago. I usually wait until there is no longer a bandwagon before I start a book or movie. Partly it's because I'm just not a bandwagon kind of person and want to do something because I want to do it, not because everybody else is doing it (at least that's the romanticized version of me that I have in my head). With Crazy Love, I had no intention of not reading the book someday. I just never read it. Then, magically, the book appeared on my Kindle (how it knew that I was actually planning on reading it this summer, I will never find out).

I haven't finished it yet. But I did skip over to the to check out this super crazy little video. All I have to say is: Wow.

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