Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Last Night

Stressful day. Busy day. So much to do and so much due at the same time. No time today. Sister wants to do dinner. It’s the last night. I can say no, but I want to go. It’s just for a few minutes. Stress, stress, stress. Busy, busy, busy. This, that, too much.

Such thoughts were flying through my mind as I was running on the greenway last Thursday night. It was also the last night staying with two of my best friends since we’d been living together for two months. The emotions of leaving them were threatening the stability I was fighting for. The solutions at such times, at least for me, is not work faster, run harder, get more done. At such times, I just need to chill.

So I went to dinner at Zaxby’s with two of my younger sisters. It was a sunny day. A day with few clouds. A day when the birds were singing and the air was clear. That’s why, when the sky suddenly began to darken and an unnatural hue took over the atmosphere, it was a little eerie.

Then the thunder started and we could see the lightning in the distance. The wind started picking up. We stood in the door of the restaurant and debated if we should try to make it home.

A stranger at a table advised us to wait. There was going to be hail and winds strong enough to produce a tornado. It was better to stay put.

Two options: freak out or use this opportunity to have a good time.

We chose the latter.

We made videos of mock storm reports. Then we went to Barnes and Noble and got coffee and sat around a table looking at magazines about the Hunger Games. Then my friend Hayden joined us. All we had time for was goofing off. With the rain and the thunder and lightening, this was no place to try and knock off the checklist.

At around 8PM Hayden and I headed home. I could fill these last couple hours with work. Or I could go say hey to Emily. Emily, Hayden and I could end up talking until 11PM. We could laugh, chat, give one another advice, and even cry. We could hang out. And this could be just as productive as anything else we could be getting done.

Sometimes a wrench in the plans can be the most important ingredient the plan needs.

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