Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wounded Heart

I just finished the book The Wounded Heart: Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Dr. Dan B. Allender. It was a very heavy and difficult book that took me almost a year to get through. Each page was full of material that would give me something to ponder for a few days. Sometimes I’d just have to take a break for a little while, not wanting to go back to it because it wasn’t the most pleasant of topics to read before bed or during my morning quiet time (the times I usually spend reading).

Dr. Allender has been given a voice that speaks to this soul-damaging form of abuse. But the voice that speaks to sexual abuse also speaks to all different sorts of abuse, as well as to someone who has undergone a traumatic situation. He is not trite and cliché, telling you to just “trust God,” oh no, neither does he give you pat answers or four-step rules for forgiveness. His compassion is supernatural, but he doesn’t shy away from the truth. He calls abuse victims to repentance, but he does it in the most humble, gracious way imaginable.

I recommend this book to anyone, even if you had the most easy-breezy life without any hiccups or wounds (which I find highly unlikely). It’s wonderful for understanding your own pain and for empathizing with the pain of others—something we all, as Christians, should participate in more.

I thought about listing some of my favorite quotes, but as I flipped through the pages there were so many passages that I underlined that my favorites would probably make up an entire mini-book on their own.

Just read it.

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  1. So glad you finally finished it! I still haven't! I've been skipping around, re-reading bits, and then just carrying the book with me thinking I might actually read it. Proud of you because it really isn't an easy read.