Friday, September 2, 2011

not very creative Katherine

J.J.: Will you color with me?

Me: Sure, but I’m not very creative. You’re a better colorer than me.

J.J.: Did you not color a lot when you were little? Is that why you’re not very good at it?

Me: No, I didn’t.

J.J.: That’s why I’m better than you.

Me: It’s true.

J.J.: That’s different. Grownups are supposed to be better than kids at drawing.

Me: That’s true, too. I got in trouble in preschool because I didn’t color between the lines. They said, “Katie, stay inside the lines!”

J.J.: Haha! Katie, stay inside the lines!

Me: It happened. There, I’m done. What do you think of my giraffe?

J.J.: Like you said, not very creative.

Me: Thank you. Maybe I should stick to writing. This giraffe looks like a Morey. I think I’ll write him a story.

This is the story

Of Morey

The Giraffe

He lived in a zoo

Without a clue

That he was a Giraffe

He thought he was a moose

Who was in love with a goose

And together they’d have a calf.

Then one day he saw

(and stood staring in awe)

At a handsome, long-necked Giraffe

He walked away

Because what could he say?

To such a beautiful reflection in the glass.

J.J.: I don’t get it.

Me: Oh well. Maybe I shouldn’t write, either.

J.J.: Are you going to color another one?

Me: Sure. Got another giraffe?

J.J.: No, but here’s a wolf.

Me: Why does this wolf have a head shaped like a heart?

J.J.: I don’t know.

Me: We should send it to your grandma.

J.J.: Yeah! It’ll probably scare her.

Me: Or she’ll think you love her because you’re sending her a wolf with a heart-shaped head.

J.J.: Yeah. Good idea, Katherine. Good idea.

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