Thursday, May 6, 2010

Though I never win...

Such a title indicates something profound. But really, I'm just trying to be upbeat about the fact that I never win writing contests. Not ever. Never. Never ever.
Okay. Point made.
But I have had some opportunities to be creative in ways that I wouldn't ordinarily have invented on my own.
Accordingly, the last contest I entered was for Mothers' Day. I really hoped to win my mom a free house cleaning or a full body massage.
But alas, my contest winning streak remans the same.
Even though that is the case, at least I can share what I wrote on my humble blog and maybe make my mom famous for Mothers' Day.
One can only dream...

Here it is:

The Contest was 250 words on how your mom makes dinner special.

For Mom’s three adult daughters, making it home for dinner isn’t always easy. Even so, I always enjoy getting the text from Mom that says, “Will you be home for dinner?” Even if I can’t make it, I like knowing she wants me around (or maybe she just wants to know how much food to make!)

But on those rare times when the whole family is seated around the dinner table—usually a couple times a week—my mom is an active participant, if not the leader, of evening entertainment.

It will usually begin with my mom making a silly comment that makes her begin to giggle (we’ve all learned from her how to laugh at our own jokes). She’ll giggle until her whole body shakes and my dad looks at her in that “heaven help us” kind of way. He roles his eyes as we all join in on whatever is funny and the noise grows louder and louder. Then Dad goes for the Bible and we begin to read Proverbs.

Usually, Mom listens attentively to the Proverbs lesson, trying to set a good example, but she’s also typically the first to pop if there are any suppressed giggles.

I’m grateful to have a mother who makes dinner a good time, and teaches us first hand the meaning of the Proverbs that says, “Better is a dish of vegetables where love is, than a house full of feasting with strife.”

It certainly keeps me coming back for more!

I love you Mom. And I know you're mine so I have to say it; But I really do believe it with all my heart; You're the best. No joke.

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