Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love Note

I love You. I love Your unending patience—how You’ve slowly wooed me and called me. I love how You’ve won me over with great things and small things.

I love how You’re creative and artistic. I love how You love beauty and created it purely for pleasure. I love how You’re so good with words and only say exactly what You mean and never tell a lie or exaggerate.

I love how every word out of Your mouth drips with life and feeds my soul.

I love how You give me dreams while I sleep, giving me something to laugh at when I wake up.

I love how You heal my body when I’m sick and hold me when I cry. I love how You know the thoughts in my head before I say them and how I don’t have to explain how I feel—You just know.

I love how when I’m wrong You’re gentle in your correction and are ready to restore me as quickly as I’m ready. You never hold it against me later and are unselfish in Your desires for me.

I love how You loved me when I was young and waited for me to come to You and were so happy when I did.

You’re always ready to talk no matter what mood I’m in. You’re my best friend and the best of friends.

You remove things from my life because they hinder our relationship and You’re jealous and want me only for Yourself—not just because You want me but because You know it’s best for me to only have You.

I couldn’t live without You and I know I’ll never have to. One day we’ll actually get to be together. I long for that day more so than I long for anything else—to see Your beautiful, glorious face. To just be in Your presence without having to speak, to just be in awe of You. You’re so lovely.

Oh I love you! But I love how no matter how badly, how hard, how fiercely I love You, You will always love me more.

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  1. Beautiful words cousin!!!!! From one fellow writer to another, I love your passion for our Lord!