Friday, April 9, 2010

No Fear

I dedicate the next few blog entries to the celebration of life--not just being alive, but to the life that is lived. There is a difference.

I begin this entry with a question. If you could live your life free from the fear of failure, how would it be different?

This doesn’t mean that you won’t fail or be rejected. It only means that the fear of it is gone.

How would life be different?

Would you apply to the school that you really want to attend?

Would you audition for that play?

Would you make friends with and be friends with the guy you know is interested in the other girl, or would you avoid him?

Would you move to that city?

Would you color your hair purple, just for kicks?

Would you raise your hand in class?

Would you quit the job that’s just a job and go after the one you dreamed about as a kid?

Would you ask her out?

Would you switch churches?

Would you stand up for something?

Would you ask God that question that’s been bothering you?

Would you ask your parents that question that’s been bothering you?

Would you speak up?

Would you sit down?

Would you shut up?

Would you fly to Italy?

Would you move out?

Would you sell everything and move to the mission field?

Would leave the mission field and go back home?

Would you make friends with the girl you thought was too cool for you?

Would you buy that crazy-colored shirt?

Would you volunteer downtown?

Would you go visit your sister across the country?

Would you eat squid?

Would you go bungee jumping?

Would you backpack the AT?

Would you learn to play the piano?

Would you train for a marathon?

Would you speak the truth?

Would you open your heart to someone?

Would you love again?

Would you give it another try?

Would you close the door?

Would you open a different one?

Would you turn your back on the past?

Would you say hello to the future?

Would you start over?

Would you burn regrets and rebuild with hope?

Would you give fear a kick in the pants and give courage a chance?

Only you know what you would do if you had no fear of failure and if rejection didn’t change your resolve.

A few final questions:

Would you be a different person? Would you like that person? Would you be proud of that person if that person were you?

I dare you...

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  1. Is it bad to say i would not do anything differently? Does that mean I don't fear? MMMMM! I hope it means I just live life.