Tuesday, November 24, 2009

from the archives

As I am working on a project and studying for a deadline, I am forced to dig into the archives of other writings, instead of coming up with something new. This, I'll warrant, takes a big swipe at my pride. But I'll just have to live with it. 

Thanksgiving is in a couple days and Christmas shopping begins (or has begun). In our family, the children draw names for gift-buying so we only have to focus on one person instead of 8. This tradition began when my brother got married (we try to make it easy on the newlyweds). Every year, I'll write a poem of sorts to tell everyone who they'll be buying for. 

This is from this year...

Christmas 2009


I thought this year to take a Christmas Poem Fast

For I am in serious need of a poetry class

But tradition won out (as traditions always do)

So I begin this poem with barely a clue


Lauren buys presents for her BFF Kate

Who buys for soccer star: Little-boy-Cabes

Caleb is able to kick a big score

By landing safely in buying for Cor


Corrie has the Ranger hunk, Nathan from the east

And while he is busy keeping the world at peace

Julie will receive his gifts with many a thanks

As she turns to take Sherry’s name from the ranks


Sherry will enjoy being creative with Jax

And Lauren will be her big sister’s task

As Jax has Lauren as her Christmas peep

She’s pretty easy, so Jax won’t loose sleep


Now it’s time for the final stanza to close

The difficulty in writing this part only shows

That poems with names are hard to complete

But shopping for presents will be an easy feat

As you probably figured out from that beautiful display of poetry, I have to shop for Caleb. I had Nathan the first year that we did this. The boys are the hardest to buy for. If I run out of ideas, I can't just go out and get accessories from Anthropologie. I actually have to think about this one. 

Oh me, maybe I'll just write him a poem.



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