Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Follow Me

I’ve been convicted about something today: people watching. I do it a lot. I’m not talking about sitting in a park and observing cute couples strolling in romantic aura, or joggers sporting the latest exercise attire, or young mothers sporting the latest stroller from Kids-R-Us. I’m talking about watching people to see if they are doing what is right. Or, if they are doing something new and daring, watching to see how it turns out. I’m talking about comparing my actions with the actions of someone else. I’m talking about constantly standing my life next to someone else’s and saying, more times a day than I care to admit, “If I do this, my life will turn out that way. But if I do that, it will turn out another way, because that’s what so-and-so did and that’s how it turned out for them.”

That’s when the dear old C.S. Lewis came into my quiet time this morning to give me something to think about. The title of the excerpt from Mere Christianity was Follow Thou Me. It refers to the last scene in the book of John where Jesus tells Peter how he (Peter) is going to die. Peter than asks Jesus how John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, is going to die. Jesus replies, “…What is that to you? You follow Me!”

I worked at a Christian concert one year, selling goods for TobyMac. The great thing about working the TobyMac stand was that I could go to the concert for free. On breaks from working the stand, of course.

During the evening, a lady came to buy items from the stand. Well, she actually didn’t buy anything, she just looked. She gave me an odd feeling by the way she looked and smiled at me and because when I asked her how she was doing she replied, “Blessed.” You don’t hear that every day. It was a little weird.

Later I saw her in the concert and she was really into the music, even though the song playing wasn’t really a get-into sort of song. The same odd feeling came over me that had come over me when she said, “Blessed.” Right there, amidst he colored lights and banging drums, I asked God what He thought about the lady.

God didn’t answer.

I instantly knew why. The lady was not my responsibility. She was God’s. What was it to me to know what God thought of her? I must follow God. Her walk with God was between her and God. And, for the record, there was nothing wrong with her saying, “Blessed” or getting into the music.

So many times I try to figure out my life by looking at others. But Christ says, “You follow Me,” and He means it. It’s such a simple concept. At least, it sounds simple. Even so, I’m a long way from figuring out exactly what it means, or exactly what it looks like.

I guess that’s why I look at other people. I’m trying to figure out what following Christ looks like. But maybe, if I looked at Christ instead, I’d have a little better idea.

But what exactly does that look like? 


  1. I like this. I confess I do this too. I must have learned it from you!

  2. I'm guilty as well. Thanks for the timely reminder, Kat!!!