Monday, August 10, 2009

The Scoop

I am looking into a writing contest for Good Housekeeping magazine. My grandmother found the information on the contest and passed it along. I love it when people give me writing ideas. Sometimes it can be burdensome, but a lot of times it stretches my views and expands the walls of my writer’s box.

That’s also exactly what a writing contest does. I enter contests for the exercise. Usually the topic is something completely foreign to me (like an essay on one of Tolstoy’s short stories).  It’s a chance to experience something new and see how far my imagination will carry me.

It’s also a chance to try out my writing on something that might actually turn a profit. I always enter contests with a little inkling of hope that maybe, just maybe, I’ll be the grand-prize winner. So far, no money yet, but when your chosen profession is an art, everything you try your hand at is a risk. And just like all other risks, you’ll always grow and learn, even if you fail.

The winners for the contest are not announced until December, so I can’t post my story until after that. I hope to share it on the Coffee Shop of Talk at the beginning of the new year. 


  1. Do you get Real Simple magazine? They have a writing contest every month, usually with a great topic.

  2. Thanks for that tidbit of info! I'll check it out...