Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Thoughts on Blog Entries

I’m trying to come up with an idea for a blog entry. My commitment to write one entry a week was easy for about 5 weeks. Then, here I am, idea-less. 

This has happened before. Not just to me but to many others. I tell the kids that I tutor, “Just write. Something will eventually come to you.” 

That is the beauty of brainstorming when you don’t have a topic. You begin by writing any words that pop into your head. Pees, dog, corn, bread, dinner, supper, food, hungry.  Then those words form into full sentences. I think I’ll make corn bread for supper. Last time I made corn bread, it burnt it. I had to feed it to the dog. But the dog wouldn’t eat it either. 

Of course, that didn’t really happen. It came from writing random words, then forming those words into sentences that eventually became the idea for a short story blurp--a short version of a short story that usually doesn’t have a plot. At least that’s my definition. 

These are also known as short story teasers. I’ll write some of these occasionally and email them to my sisters. If their response is anything kin to “I like it! What happens?” Then I’ll file it away for later use. Sometimes I’ll decide not to file and I’ll play with the idea a little longer. After a day of playing, eventually I’ll have another idea for a novel. 

Another idea for a novel. That’s something I’ll never have to worry about. My trouble with my dozens of novel ideas is that I can never decide which one to start working on next. In the past, I’ve always picked the ones that require the least amount of research. I don’t like research and if I’m going to write a manuscript that will likely be rejected, I don’t want to waste time doing something I don’t enjoy. 

One of these days, once I’ve publish a novel that required little amounts of research, I’ll take on one of those daunting, research-requiring mountains that I’ve only dreamed about in nightmares. That is slightly exaggerated. I don’t have nightmares about research. I’m actually looking forward to experiencing it for the first time. I envision myself, bent over a table lit by a desk lamp, with books, notepads, pens, and a mug of coffee. You will also see a coffee pot in the background. I would have a thermos of coffee on the table with me, but that is unromantic. I’ll have the mug in the picture and keep the coffee pot on and warm for the next refill. 

It looks like if I keep writing, I might have a blog entry. Now it’s time for a confession. I’ve been thinking all morning about what I should write for my next blog entry. Then I had the idea, about half an hour ago, that I should write a blog entry about having no blog entry. It has turned into this. Whatever this is called. I could title it, Random Thoughts on Blog Entries. But I think that title has already been used somewhere in Cyber World. 

I guess I cashed in my lifeline and I wrote a blog entry about having no blog entry. The trouble is, this is my last lifeline. What will I do if I hit a wall next week? I can’t use the same topic two weeks in a row. Maybe I’ll make this into one of those miniseries. At least I won’t have to come up with a title for next week's entry. The hard part will be over. 

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