Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Elusive Mrs. Right

This poem is dedicated to some very special guys. No, they are more than special. It's hard to describe really what I think of them. So the word special will have to suffice for lack of a better one. Thus begins The Elusive Mrs. Right.

I’m finished with school and I’m looking around,

Waiting for God to reveal something profound,

But all I see is Jimmy with a girl on his arm,

Then there’s little ol’ me, though not lacking in charm,

I’m looking for someone to build up my life,

To fill it with warmth and love,

This only comes with a wife.

Still the thought of being a father is a pain the head,

And being a husband, something I dread,

But it’s time to suck it up,

It’s time to be a man,

It’s time to get a job and come up with a plan,

So I bought a small house and I bought a big bed,

I even bought fixings to bake all the bread,

Then a year passed by,

I’m sitting alone,

Instead of eating that bread,

I have to bake it on my own. 

That dear sweet wife continues to elude, 

All the things I’ve done, 

She refuses to come.

I go home to a house that is cold and is dark,

Instead of a wife with a kiss I have a dog with a bark.

Oh where is this girl of my dreams I’ve been searching for?

She’s not under rocks or hidden in floors,

Believe me I’ve looked, 

Gone down on all fours,

To search every crevice,

From here--to the door. 

Maybe I’m looking in all the wrong places,

Maybe I’ve managed to fall from good graces,

With all of my planning and all of my thinking,

I never thought that maybe--I’m stinking.

So I hit my knees and cry to the sky “God! Why?” 

But there is no answer,

No dove floating down,

I’m just as perplexed as before my knees hit the ground.

So I get up, brush it off,

Not gonna pout,

There are still a few things I haven't tried,

So I muster the guts and swallow my pride,

There are lots of girls out there, anyone will do,

I’ll start asking them out, I've got nothing to lose!

Except my dignity, my pride, a little piece of my heart,

Didn’t know the word “no” could cause so much hurt,

But I can take it, I’m tough, I’m a man after all,

Leave it to the women to cry and to bawl.

Something’s amiss,

But maybe I’m wrong and a wife isn’t it,

I’ve got this hole in my life that no girl seems to fit.

So I go talk to God,

He answers this time

With one simple phrase:

“Beloved you’re mine.”

“But God you’re the one, 

Who said we shouldn’t be alone,

Why do you force me to live,

 In this house on my own?”

Thus I’m back where I started,

I’m looking around,

Waiting for God to show me something profound.

At this point in my life, I’m losing hope,

Starting to have fantasies of kissing a toad.

Wait! Hold up! What am I saying?

What am I doing,

If not going crazy?

It’s not what I’ve lost,

But what I’ve gained,

There’s got to be something to show for the pain.

I got a house and a bed,

And bread for the cooking,

So onward I’ll press, but I’ll never stop looking.

There’s a girl out there somewhere who’s well worth the wait,

In her I’ll find the perfect first mate,

Never again will I think it’s too late.

So while waiting for God to reveal something profound,

I realize He has! And refuse to get down.

Tomorrow’s a new day for baking the bread,

And anticipating what’s up ahead.

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