Monday, March 2, 2009

10 Rules of a Large Family

Rule #1: Never be the last one home on a busy day

Benefit: No one will call and ask you to pick up stuff on your way home.

Rule #2: always eat your favorite part of the meal first

Benefit: if you save the best for last, you won’t get to eat it; someone else will steal it off of your plate.

Rule #3: Always keep earplugs close to your bedside

Benefit: When your younger siblings decide to play DDR at 11PM, they won’t keep you awake.

Rule #4: Rise up early in the morning. 

Benefit: You may snag some precious alone time. Also, with no one else awake, you won’t have to split the last bagel. It’s all yours. 

Rule #5: Your clothes are not yours. They belong to the greater good. Also, your siblings’ clothes are not theirs. They also belong to the greater good.

Benefit: You may never see your favorite white cami again, but you may discover that you have clothes in your closet that you never actually purchased.

Rule #6: When people find out there are a lot children in your family, most of them will ask you if you are Catholic. Get over it. 

Benefit: Stereotypes of large families will begin to roll off your shoulders like drops roll off a rain coat. 

Rule #7: Make friends with boom boxes, ipods, and so forth.

Benefit: you will need them on those rare days when the house is too quiet for comfort. 

Rule #8: Learn to laugh at spilled drinks, muddy carpets, and broken glasses. They aren’t going anywhere.

Benefit: You’ll learn that, against popular opinion, quantity can sometimes be better than quality. 

Rule #9: Make others outside of your family part of your family

Benefit: “The more the merrier” takes on new meaning. 

Rule #10: When faced with the choice of having a double bed or single, choose the double. 

Benefit: You’ll be prepared when someone wants to snuggle. 

The End


  1. Rule #3 - hmm, very true, and its a benefit for the people playing ddr too, cause then we can rock out ALL NIGHT LONG! YEAH!

    Nice list, I always get the mormon question, with catholic following.

  2. Ah, I forgot the Mormon question. That too!

  3. Caleb we need to have a DDR party so we can "rock out ALL NIGHT LONG!" YAY

    Soon we really do!